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terça-feira, agosto 28, 2007


"U-Clic and Console Pupils (PT)
Every city has its preferred style of music. Tomar (or Thomar as it is often called) aimed its batteries to the world of electronic music.

Regardless if it concerns disco, electro, minimal or progressive,... you name it, most likely you will find someone from Thomar doing it, and doing it well.

U-Clic are a trio that drink inspiration from the 70's Kraftwerk synth driven melodies and catchy beats, adding to it guitar riffs, addictive loops catchy pop melodies, coming up with unique digital textures tainted by arty synth driven electro.

The robot like vocals, the spiral soundscapes, the arcade soundtrack look-alike sounds, the cosmic inspired rhythmic, electrified and loopy tunes do the rest.

With the album supposed to come out by late 2005/ early 2006, Console Pupils, saw the light only this year.

Nevertheless, these 3 youngsters do bring us 11 tracks that will leave no one indifferent. Luis Salgado, Filipe Confraria and Goncalo Figueiredo, or as they call themselves, U-Salgado, U-Confra and U-Goncalo bring us tracks like Satellite Club, Pixelised Scenario, Xhuttle, Robot 'n' Roll, Europa or the amazing Zumbido @ Paraizo that easily conquer those that listen to it the first time, transforming this album into something that you will want to keep an eye on for longer.

Addictive, fresh and electric dance orientated music. This is Console Pupils!!!"

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domingo, agosto 19, 2007


25 de Agosto. Console Pupils convocados.